The “Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021” is one of the most batshit crazy bills ever to have ALMOST passed. It provided a measly $600 for every American citizen while giving thousands of unrelated organizations MILLIONS of dollars. Thanks to President Trump, who struck this piece of shit down yesterday, we won’t need to endure this incompetent piece of legislation.

The following are screen shots from the bill. These are ACTUAL unaltered quotes from the COVID-19 “relief” bill. The full PDF can be found here. WARNING: it’s very long.

Starting off:

$4 million dollars for HIV/AIDS treatment and research? Really? Don’t get me wrong – HIV/AIDS is a serious issue but this is supposed to be a COVID relief bill.

Another $4 million for the “Office of Ethics” – what the hell is the “Office of Ethics” and why do they need 4 million dollars out of the COVID relief bill?

This is even worse. $111 million for SUDAN. WHY?! Why the fuck does SUDAN get so much money from OUR COVID relief bill? It makes absolutely no sense.

This is a slap in the face. Not only is gEnDeR sTudIeS a useless major in an overpriced liberal university, but to give $10 million to PAKISTAN of all places for THAT? Who’s brilliant idea was that? What liberal sellout thought THAT was a good idea?!

Nuclear energy is the way to go, no doubt. But funding for nuclear energy does NOT belong in the bill.

Burma? BURMA?! Burma is NOT our problem. Why the FUCK was this in the bill? Why?! “International Narcotics Control and Law Enforcement” in Burma. Ridiculous.

$62 million for fucking fisheries. FISH!!

If you need $85 million to do economic research, you’re already failing.

Horseracing. Because when we think of the economic disaster caused by the shutdown of a country and mandatory lockdowns by crony politicians, the first thing I think of is “my GOD save the fucking people betting on horses!”

Obviously this is just a tiny glimpse into the idiocy that riddles this entire bill. The fact that it’s over 5,000 pages and they submitted it for review on the 21st to be voted on by the 22nd is absolutely insane. Please, I urge you to check it out. Click here to see the full bill.


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